About Justin Robinson

Hi my name is Justin Robinson and I live in Calgary, Alberta.

I am the creator of the Integral Breakthrough Design Lab, an experiential weekend course that supports leaders to bring forth next-level capacities within themselves.

I work in the energy industry and directed the film “Pipeline Wars: A Burning Debate About Our Future” which won the Spirit of Activism Award at the 2015 Colorado Environmental Film Festival. Below is an early trailer for the film:

And here is a video of the movie being introduced at the festival:

I believe humanity can and must evolve to meet the big challenges we face.

A few random things I am interested in: philosophy (Heidegger, speech act theory, the linguistic turn, Wittgenstein, integral theorytransformation theory and it’s implications in a search/social/mobile/augmented world), personal development, neuroscience, complexity science, global energy systems, design thinking, hot yoga and innovation (particularly with respect to transforming education).

My blog entries reflect my own thoughts and opinions, and not those of my employer or any groups I am associated with. Obviously.

You can find the brochure for our latest retreat here: LOS CABOS 2022 – A Week of Discovery

2 thoughts on “About Justin Robinson

  1. Justin, I enjoy your blog. I was in oilsands- have moved on to clean buring natural gas… Keep writing. Having come from the oilsands I am dying to find out which companies are involved in this collaboration Deborah mentioned yesterday. I’m pretty sure I know who. Any bets?

    I have a Sheltie and he rocks!

  2. Hey. You and me, buddy, we have the same name. That’s pretty cool. I hope the legacy that you build with my name allows me to make easier dinner reservations in the future, perhaps because people will recognize the name and think i’m you, if you become a celebrity. Or maybe, I’ll get rich and famous, and you can make easier dinner reservations because of me, you know, because people will think you’re me. Or maybe, none of this makes sense. Or maybe, t makes all the sense you need in this life.

    Or maybe, you just have my name. That’s cool. I’ll let you borrow it.

    I want it back when you’re done.

    Nice meeting you/me.


    Justin Robinson

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