Design inspiration from the east.

I was reminded of the Beijing Olympics today. The design that went into the event is really powerful and interesting.



It’s really cool to see some of the art that is coming out of Asia these days. Here are a couple of chinese paintings I like. This one is called “The Lovers” by Yue Minjun. I love the looks on their faces.


This next one is from Iran. Don’t know what it is called, but the artists is Mohsen Ahmadvand. I love this piece, it is beautiful and makes me think of transcendence, guilt, being in the moment.


Here is a statue called “Happy Life #8”, by Chen Wenling. I interpret it as political, but it is just cool to look at as well!


And finally, this one is my favorite. I got it from but do not know who the artist is. It speaks to me of the alienation that I felt sometimes as a child.